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We help our clients reduce their waste handling costs and acquire the knowledge on how proper disposal of their waste will reduce the impact on the natural environment (water, air and soil).

We work to protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gases. Recovery and reuse of natural resources is vital for our future generations.


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In Hamilton paper cups go in the Green Cart (organics), not the blue box. (No lids – these now go in the garbage!)

Milk cartons, juice boxes and frozen juice containers go in the containers (not paper) blue box.

Non-recyclable plastics go in the garbage. This includes non-stretchy film, toys, straws/cutlery, etc. As of May 2018 all coffee cup lids, dark plastics and Styrofoam (that used for food) must go in the garbage.

Other glass and other metals go in the garbage. Some of these metals can go to the Community Recycling Centres.

Non-recyclable paper (e.g. label backing, padded envelopes, paper/foil combo food wrap, tape) goes in the garbage.